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How to Increase Libido: 7 Sizzling Tips to Ignite Your Passion

  • 25 Oct 2023

Looking to spice up your love life? Discover how to increase libido with our wide range of adult toys and enjoy free UK delivery. Get playful today!

Tap into our saucy tips on how to increase libido, adding zest to your love life with a range of adult toys delivered free across the UK.

Spice Up Your Relationship

Delve into the realm of playfulness with adult toys. These pleasure-pushing companions can bring a new adrenaline surge into your relationship, with everything from beginner's toys to exhilarating upgrades offered by our diverse range.

Adult toys can ignite exhilarating passion, enhancing love-life dynamics from solo to duets, with a diverse range available for swift, free UK delivery.

Unleash your hidden desires with our copious array of adult toys. Whether you're seeking an entrancing solo performance or an interactive duet, there's something to satisfy your every passion in our wide catalog, with quick, free UK delivery.

Indulge in Role Play

Role play can spark magic into your intimate sessions, setting the stage for thrilling narratives spun from your deepest fantasies. And with our vast array of adult toys, you can turn your role-playing ideas into scorching reality.

  • Invest in a sexy nurse or police officer costume to enact power dynamics.

Use blindfolds to elevate suspense and heighten your senses.

  • Introduce accessories like handcuffs for a dash of boldness.
  • Try sensuous massage oils to enhance tactile sensations.
  • Slip into mysterious character with our tantalising range of masks.
  • Consider props like lace, silk ties, or feathers for a soft sensual touch.
  • Get creative with our bondage sets, for those who enjoy a little dominance in their story.
  • Upgrade your erotic scenarios with specialist toys such as vibrators or anal beads.

Try Sensory Play

Take a walk on the wild side and discover the tantalising world of sensory play. Incorporating a variety of playful sensations, such as soft tickling or intense vibrations, can send shivers down your spine and increase your arousal.

  • Silken blindfolds for heightening anticipation
  • Feather ticklers to create soft and sensual caresses
  • Love nipple toys for teasing and intense persuasions
  • Scented candles for adding a warm and inviting atmosphere
  • Temperature-responsive glass dildos for a thrilling hot and cold experience

Explore New Fantasies Together

Laughter, playfulness, and adventurous spirits meld perfectly with spicy, mysterious, and enticing elements when you explore new fantasies together. Let's dive into some tantalizing engagements brimming with exhilaration and passion.

  1. Transform your bedroom into an exotic retreat and play out an adventurous travel story.
  2. Experiment with power play scenarios shifting between dominance and submission.
  3. Exploring the realm of public lovemaking while maintaining your privacy and decency.
  4. Incorporate latex or leather elements, and create an erotic superhero fantasy.
  5. Let your imagination run wild with a threesome fantasy involving an imaginary, or a toy-based third participant.

Embrace the Power of Dirty Talk

Unleashing your sensual side is not always about touch; sometimes, it's about talk. Dirty talk, a often underestimated bedroom art, can add an electric charge to your intimate moments, boosting your libido and creating a deeper connection between partners.

  1. Practice ahead of time to become comfortable with erotic language.
  2. Use flirty and suggestive words to express your desires.
  3. Test out different phrases to see what turns you and your partner on.
  4. Respect boundaries and make sure each party is comfortable with the language used.
  5. Be confident and let your inner sensuality shine through.

Introduce Sex Toys Into Your Bedroom

Adding adult toys to your sensual repertoire can take your bedroom escapades to new heights. Whether you're exploring classic toys or delving into the world of futuristic gadgets, finding the right adult toy can open the door to exhilarating erotic adventures.

  • Guidelines to distinguish between various types of adult toys
  • Crash course on using classic toys like vibrators, dildos, and cock rings
  • Insight into futuristic adult gadgets like remote controlled toys, app-controlled vibrators, and VR sexual health tech
  • Comparative analysis to help select the right sex toy based on design, material and functionality
  • Tips to ensure the chosen toy aligns with your comfort level, desire, and sexual fantasies

adult toys

Boost Your Bedroom Confidence

Unleash your inner vixen! Adult toys can be powerful confidence stimulators. They're not just for fun — they can also make you feel empowered, increasing your comfort and confidence in the bedroom. Set the pulsations to your rhythm, explore a variety of sensations, and take control of your own pleasure.

To rekindle the flame, set the stage for confidence. Accept, embrace and love your sensuality. From intimate conversations to sexy outfits, playing with toys, or exploring diverse positions - every act contributes to a more vibrant and confident sexual experience. Free UK delivery and a wide range of options make it even more exciting.

Prioritize Self-Care and Body Positivity

Turn the love inwards for a bit, handlers. Revel in the beauty of self-love, and embrace body positivity with the help of adult toys. Drawing the map of pleasure on your own body illuminates every enchanting contour and mysterious corner, fueling a powerful sense of self-appreciation.

Did you know, beloved voyagers, that exploring your own terrain can help nurture a relationship with yourself too? Adult toys can serve as the compass, guiding you towards a more appreciative view of your body and elevating your self-care routine.

Perhaps it’s time to invite some tantalising tools into your personal party. Not only can they inject a fiery bolt of excitement, but can also contribute to healthier body image. A well-chosen adult toy can empower you to indulge in your wild side while celebrating your unique silhouette.

Remember, self-love isn’t selfish, it’s essentially about being comfortable in your skin. And what better way to enhance comfort and confidence than by knowing yourself intimately? Adult toys offer a sensual journey of discovery, pointing you towards unexplored territories of self-adoration.

So, consider adult toys as a tool to build a comprehensive path to body positivity and self-care. They help you take command, affirming to yourself and the world that you are the boss of your own body and conventional norms won't confine your worth.

Experiment with Lingerie and Sexy Outfits

Unleashing the seductress within you requires a title more than just being playful. Choose tantalizing lingerie; its intricate designs and luxurious materials can make you feel more attractive, ultimately enhancing your allure.

Revamp your intimate nights and rekindle the passion with the selection of the right sexy outfit. These outfits act as visual foreplay, creating anticipation and excitement that can intensify your encounters.

Thrill your partner by switching up your bedtime attire. From provocative negligees to cheeky costumes, every new outfit is a fresh story. Explore the wide range of options online with free UK delivery.

Learn the Art of Seduction

Uncover the allure within as we dive into the realm of seduction, aided by adult toys. There's an irresistible power in the deliberate tease, the tantalising touch, heightened by the illicit thrill of a new toy.

Nail Seduction 101 by introducing adult toys into your flirtatious playtime. A little joystick or pocket rocket can illuminate unexplored territories of arousal.

Boost your libido by proactively aligning your desires with your lover's. Utilise adult toys to break the barriers of mundane and add spark to your courtship.

Discover yourself as the master teaser in your relationship, as adult toys make the game more thrilling. It's all about the right moves at the right time.

Adult toys are the secret ingredient to spice up your love life. Keep them guessing, keep them wanting, and you'll own the art of seduction in no time.

Explore Different Positions

Let's venture beyond comfort, as they say, variety is indeed the spice of life. Experimenting with new positions in the bedroom not only increases pleasure but can open up a whole new realm of potential delights. Don't let routine turn you off.

Who knew there were untapped delights in unexplored territories? Get adventurous and try a slew of different positions. Spark your libido back to life with twists and bends that surprise you just as they excite you.

Feeling brave tonight? Why not try a challenging position? It can be a fun, intimate challenge that not only boosts your confidence but also your passion. Remember, the bedroom is a playground.

Does the idea of getting twisted and tangled sound enticing? Then it's time to get your kinks straight, or rather, twisted. Deepen your connection with your partner by discovering new realms of ecstasy.

Learn to speak the unspoken language of intimacy by exploring different positions. With every twirl and twist, unravel new layers of your desires. It isn't just about sex, it's about the rich tapestry of intimacy that keeps the flame burning bright.

Fuel Your Desire with a Healthy Lifestyle

Harness the energy from a balanced lifestyle to fire up your libido. Sufficient sleep, nutritious diet, regular exercise, stress reduction, and hydration can recharge your body and boost your bedroom performance.

Fueling your desire begins with maintaining a healthy lifestyle. A good nutrition, regular exercise, adequate sleep, managing stress, and staying hydrated can enhance your sexual vitality, turning up the heat in your bedroom.

Maintain a Nutritious Diet

When it comes to stoking the embers of desire, your meal plan matters. Certain foods, rich in essential vitamins and nutrients, can turn up the thermostat on your libido.

Consider integrating aphrodisiacs into your daily diet. Chocolates, oysters, figs, and pomegranates are notorious for sparking passion and enhancing your intimate experiences.

Want to fuel that sensual fire? Focus on zinc-rich foods. Consuming lean proteins, pumpkin seeds, or chickpeas can contribute to boosting testosterone levels, pumping up your passion significantly.

Never underestimate the power of keeping your heart healthy for an energetic love life. Foods loaded with omega-3s, like fatty fish or flax seeds, improve cardiovascular health leading to increased libido.

Stay well-rounded, and not just in your menu. Balancing carbohydrates, proteins, fats, and fibres ensures a steady release of energy, keeping you ready for action when passion calls.

Exercise Regularly

Sweating it out in the gym isn't just for a toned body—it can also help amp up your libido. Regular physical activity improves blood circulation, intensifying arousal and supporting a hearty sexual appetite.

Set those endorphins free—your body's feel-good chemicals. These natural mood boosters not only give you a post-workout high, but they also stoke sexual desire magnificently.

Daily stretching, cardio, or strength training isn't just a good look on you, they're also your passport to improved flexibility and endurance in bed.

The long-term benefits of exercise extend far beyond a slimmer waist or bulging biceps. It's not just your physique that's hot—regular exercise positively inflames your passion, sustaining that fiery in-bedroom energy.

Get Enough Sleep

Studies consistently link sound sleep to a healthier sex drive. A good night's sleep increases testosterone levels as well as overall energy, both crucial for a sizzling libido.

Nothing brings passion to a halt quite like fatigue. Prioritise getting around 7-9 hours of quality slumber to ensure that your body and mind are at their peak performance levels.

Dreams of sensual play might lead to real-life desire. Ensuring you get your REM cycles can heighten your nighttime fantasies, further activating your libido.

Not only does sleep revitalise your body, but it also refreshes your mind, helping manage stress levels. Lower stress means higher chances of letting go and enjoying intimate moments fully.

Consider quality slumber as an important part of your 'sexual fitness' routine. Just like regular workouts contribute to physical readiness, getting enough sleep helps you maintain a healthier libido and passion for the play.

Reduce Stress

Too much stress can extinguish even the most fiery passion. But, here's a fiery tip to fan those flames - libido-boosting adult toys. Unleashing your naughty side has some serious stress-busting power, letting you experience a sudden thrilling rush of endorphins. A pleasure-packed ‘me’ time that also relieves stress, quite a tantalising combo, isn't it?

Your mental well-being is a key player in your sexual health. Stress can be a significant passion-killer, but by practising mindfulness and focussing on the present, you awaken sensual pleasures and pave the way for a hotter bedroom escapade.

Let's talk stress-management. How about turning it into a sexy session instead of a tedious chore? A new adult toy could be the perfect sexy surprise to ignite your desire and distract you from life's pressures. Sometimes joy truly comes in a package!

Did you know your bedroom could be your new Zen space? Dim the lights, draw the curtains, and allow the sensual ambiance to relieve you from your stress. A calm environment sets the stage for intense moments of passion - the ultimate stress reduction!

Staying cool helps ignite your desire! By reducing stress and anxiety, you aren't only activating your 'sex mode.' You're encouraging your body to be more receptive to pleasure. So, unwind, relax, and let the passion flow freely in an environment of pure love and connection.

Stay Hydrated

Unleash your thirst and bolster your libido, with just a simple glass of water. Being well-hydrated enables proper blood flow, vital for peak arousal and lubrication in both men and women.

Take the plunge into fluid desires. Regular hydration can increase your energy levels, enhancing endurance for those passionate, extended encounters.

Don't dry out your desire - saturated bodies crave more. Staying hydrated aids in balancing hormones, this balance can fan your flames of passion higher.

Picture this: a sensual, hot night fuelled only by cool, refreshing water. With proper hydration, you'll not only keep your body primed for pleasure but also ensure your overall health, a sexy prospect indeed.

adult toys

Create a Romantic Atmosphere

Unlock the fiery potential of your bedroom by transfiguring it into a sexy haven. Our curated range of adult toys, when delivered free in the UK, can transform your ordinary sleep-space into an extraordinary stage for intimate kid-and-caboodle.

Our saucy Ignite Guide is the key to crafting a libido-boosting love nest. Seductive music, sensual scents, and carefully chosen mood lighting are your best allies in this sultry mission, each element playing its part to fuel your desires like never before.

Set the Mood with Lighting

You don't need a grand chandelier to set your passion alight; a simple dimmable floor lamp can set the mood just right. As you ease into your sensual exploration, adjust your light to create an ambience that mirrors your desires.

Flickering candlelight can evoke a primal arousal hardwired into our biological instincts. The glow of a flame warming the room can entice not only your sight but your senses, sparking a fervour within.

Different colours can feed different moods; red light has been associated with excitement and passion. Swap your regular bulbs with coloured options to truly create a space that lets your libido loose.

Use Aromatherapy and Sensual Scents

Stepping into a field of scentful seduction, aromatherapy can work wonders in enhancing your love life. Essential oils like jasmine and ylang ylang add fuel to your sensual flare, producing a potent aphrodisiac effect.

Light the aromatherapy candles or use an essential oil diffuser to enhance the mood. Intertwining these frisky fragrances adds an extravagant backdrop to your rendezvous, creating an immersive environment wooing your senses.

More than just a pleasant smell, sensual scents are powerful libido boosters. When such captivating odours interact with our brains, they can trigger your sexual desires, multiplying your fervour in the playground of passion.

Whether it's to set the mood for a night of passion or to gradually spice up your day-to-day life, incorporating sensual scents and aromatherapy into your routine can pave your path towards a more enchanting love life.

Play Seductive Music

Succumb to the symphony of sensuality with a playlist of sultry beats. The right rhythm and tempo can stimulate the senses, acting as a melodic aphrodisiac to ignite your desire.

Indulge your senses with music that stirs your deepest desires. Consider putting together a sensual playlist to enhance your romantic rendezvous; after all, the soundtrack to seduction plays a vital role.

The power of sound isn't limited to mere whispers; passionate melodies boost your libido and set the mood for unforgettable encounters. Let seductive tunes fill your room and fire up your passion.

Music can amplify your intimate moments. Whether it's slow, passionate rhythms or fast, throbbing beats, choose tracks that resonate with your passions, cranking up the volume on your love.

Plan Romantic Date Nights

Nothing sets the scene quite like a romantic date night at home. It's not just about good food and wine. The key is to create a sensual atmosphere that ticks all the right boxes and gets your temperatures soaring.

Reinvent your ordinary night in by ramping up the romance. Play some breakup-turned-makeup songs in the background. Let the candlelight dance on your bodies. Your living room can quickly become an adult playground if the stage is set right.

Feeling bold? Try an outdoor date night under the star-filled sky. There's something undeniably arousing about the gentle caress of the breeze, the pioneers' freedom, and mother nature playing chef to your aphrodisiac menu.

Outdoor date nights don't just set the mood; they ignite your passion. Dark corners of your garden can suddenly become fertile ground for wild fantasies. Alfresco dining takes on a whole new meaning when it's served with a side of seduction.

Remember, it's the shared experience that fuels desire. So, it doesn't matter if you're out under the stars or curled up on the couch. It's your willingness to explore these romantic playgrounds together that will truly light your fire.

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